What rights do buyers have under this law?

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Certain purchasers may require the seller to install smoke detectors equipped for hearing-impaired persons prior to the closing date of the sale of the home. In order to impose this requirement on the seller, the purchaser must satisfy a number of requirements: 1. There must be a written contract in place. 2. It must be a sale of single-family dwelling or duplex. 3. The buyer or a member of the buyer’s family who will live in the dwelling must be hearing impaired. 4. The buyer must provide written evidence of the hearing impairment signed by a licensed physician. 5. The buyer must submit a written request to the seller to install the smoke detectors. 6. The buyer must specify in the written request where the detectors are to be installed. 7. The buyer must send the written request not later than the 10th day after the effective date of the contract. The bill allows the buyer and seller to agree on the brand and which party will bear the cost of the detectors. The seller must install the detectors no later than the closing date. If the seller fails to install, as may be required, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract.

Source: TAR

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