What is the Intermediary Relationship Notice used for?

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The Intermediary Relationship Notice (TAR 1409) is essentially a due diligence form. It’s used for two purposes. It serves as a reaffirmation by the seller and the buyer of the prior consent they both gave in writing to the broker to act as an intermediary in the transaction. It is also used by the broker to satisfy the license act requirement to give written notice to all parties of the appointment of associates to each side of the transaction, if such appointments are to be made. This form is not a substitute for the initial written consent that both parties gave when they each signed brokerage agreements with the broker. The Intermediary Relationship Notice should only be used if the seller and the buyer have given their written consents to the broker to act as an intermediary in the listing and buyer/tenant representation agreements. This form may also be used when the broker is acting as an intermediary in a landlord-tenant situation.

Source: TAR

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