What are the privileges and obligations of secondary members?

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Membership is available in a secondary board on terms and conditions no more stringent than the requirements established in the board’s Bylaws for REALTOR® and REALTOR®-Associate® (where applicable) membership. Similarly, the rights and privileges of secondary members are the same. For example, a licensee who qualifies for REALTOR® membership in a secondary board would have the same rights and privileges of any other REALTOR® member (including the right to vote and hold office). Similarly, a licensee who only qualifies for REALTOR®-Associate® membership in a secondary board (even though he/she may hold REALTOR® membership in their primary board) would only be entitled to the privileges and obligations that are granted to REALTOR®-Associate®s in the secondary board (which may or may not include the right to vote and hold office).

Source: TAR

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