Please discuss the modification to the board of choice proposal concerning primary membership.

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The original model plan developed by the Presidential Advisory Group on board of choice provided that all licensees in a particular office location must join the board selected by the designated REALTOR®. Based on comments received from various state associations after the model plan was distributed the Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee was asked to consider a modification to this provision to authorize licensees affiliated with a REALTOR® firm to join (as their primary board) any board within the state where the firm maintains a designated REALTOR®. This was a departure from what had been proposed in the PAG’s model plan, and the concept ultimately recommended by the Committee is slightly more comprehensive in favor of choice. For example, a firm with 50 licensees in a particular office location may divide its membership between two boards provided the firm has a designated REALTOR® member in both boards. This provides additional flexibility for designated REALTORS® and their sales licensees while maintaining the essential requirement that one of the principals, partners, corporate officers or branch office managers of the firm must be a designated REALTOR® member of the board. The modification was approved by the committee and Board of Directors at the 1994 Midwinter Meetings in San Diego, and was reaffirmed at the 1994 Midyear Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Source: TAR

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