Is the legal fund ever used for purposes not directly related to REALTORS®?

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Very rarely. Ultimately, the board of directors must make a determination if the use of the Legal Fund satisfies the purposes and intent of the fund. Persons who are not members of the REALTOR® organization have asked TAR to file amicus briefs in cases in which no REALTOR® is involved. For example, litigants in one case involving antitrust issues asked the association to file briefs with the court. In another case, litigants in a city-zoning dispute asked the Texas REALTORS® to file briefs with the court. After careful review, the board of directors chose not to file the requested briefs. However, the fund has been used to pay for expenses in filing briefs in cases involving homestead issues (as discussed above), contractual issues and other issues. It has also been used to fund the filing of analyses and comments before governmental agencies. In each of these cases, the board of directors determined that there was a significance to REALTORS® as a class.

Source: TAR

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