Do I have to wait to rekey the security devices operated by key, card, or combination until after the tenant has moved in?

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No. The Texas Property Code § 92.156 requires that the security devices operated by a key, card, or combination be rekeyed by the landlord at the landlord’s expense not later than the 7th day after each tenant turnover date. “Tenant turnover date” is defined as “the date a tenant moves into a dwelling under a lease after all previous occupants have moved out.” Because the language of the statute requires the rekey to happen not later than the 7th day after the tenant turnover date, you could rekey before or after the new tenant move-in. Whether you rekey before or after tenant move-in is up to you, you just have to make sure the rekey happens no later than 7 days after the tenant turnover date.

Source: TAR

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