Can I use the term “REALTOR®” in my advertisements?

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Only members of the REALTOR® association may use the term REALTOR® and only in connection with their personal name and firm name. Here are rules to keep in mind:

  • Do not use the term REALTOR® as part of your firm name.
  • Do not use descriptive words or phrases to modify the term REALTOR®—for example, No. 1 REALTOR®, REALTOR® Properties, Professional REALTORS® or Commercial REALTORS®.
  • Do not hyphenate, reconstruct, expand, combine, abbreviate, or divide the term REALTOR®.
  • Use capital letters and include the registration symbol “®” for the REALTOR® trademark.
  • Use a comma to separate your firm name from the term REALTOR®—for example, Hey Y’all, REALTORS® needs a comma between Y’all and REALTORS®.
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