Can I provide the Information About Brokerage Services form only electronically?

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Yes. You may do so in the body of an email. You can also add it as an attachment to an email or a link within the body of an email, as long as there is a specific reference to the form in the body of the email above your name and contact information. License holders can reproduce the IABS form provided that the text is copied verbatim and the spacing, borders, and placement of the text appears identical to that of the published IABS form, except you should complete the Broker Contact Information section.

Here’s an example of an appropriate way to link to the IABS form in an email:

Hi John,

I’m thrilled Sally referred you to me and I’d love to help sell your home. I always give a listing presentation to prospective clients. Do you have time to meet on Saturday so I can explain what my services entail?

By the way, Texas law requires all license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services form to prospective clients. Please review the linked document before we meet.

Jane Doe, REALTOR®
1234 Main St.


Note that the hyperlink above goes to a blank IABS form. You must link to an IABS form that has your information in the Broker Contact Information section to comply with the law. Find information on how to link to your completed form in the May 2016 issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine.

Source: TAR

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