Are there instances in which the rules about providing the lead-based paint addendum don’t apply?

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Yes, exemptions include:

1. housing built after Dec. 31, 1977;
2. housing for the elderly or disabled (where no child under six resides);
3. dwellings with no bedrooms, meaning the living area is not separated from the sleeping area such as efficiency apartments, dormitory housing, military barracks, and individual rooms;
4. sales of target housing at foreclosure;
5. leases of target housing that are found to be free of lead-based paint by an inspector certified under the federal certification program or under a federally accredited state or tribal certification program;
6. short-term leases of 100 days or fewer where no lease renewal or extension can occur; and
7. renewals of existing leases in target housing in which the lessor has previously disclosed all information and where no new information has come into his possession.

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